Mellow Yellow


After a hail storm(!) blip earlier in the week, the glorious Sun returned today to grace the Russian sky.  Moscow is a sparkling hive of activity once again as railings are painted, planters are planted and restaurants and bars build their summer terraces in readiness for the scorchy months ahead.


These spring tulips were a beautiful surprise to start my morning and ever since then, a yellow theme’s emerged.  I popped in to Michelle Bakery, a sweet little spot in my neighbourhood for a couple of loaves.  It can be a real challenge to source good bread here but (…munching on a thickly buttered slice whilst typing this..) so far so good.


The illustrations adorning all the packaging and branding are quite lovely and I couldn’t resist picking up something sweet to enjoy too.  It had to be a golden slice of lemon meringue pie, time to put the kettle on …




2 responses to “Mellow Yellow

  1. What a lovely teacup+saucer! May I ask who/what company made it? I (casually) collect vintage teacups so I’d love to learn more about former USSR ceramics! Thanks in advance.

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