La Tarte Tropézienne

La Tarte Tropezienne

I’m a very lucky girl indeed.  I’ve escaped the Siberian beast’s icy clutches (currently to be found wrapped tightly around the British Isles) for warmer, southerly climes – the Bardot beautiful bombshell town of St Tropez to be precise.

I woke to a glorious Provençal morning, bathed in golden sunshine.  Tuesday is Market day in the Place des Lices and I couldn’t grab my basket quick enough..

Bicycle… check … cute stripy top… check … tousled hair & red lips …. check check … St Tropez tan? … um not quite yet but I’m working on it!

First thing on my to-do-list? A a beeline for ‘La Tarte Tropézienne’ for a slice of their delicious soft and pillowy Tarte Tropézienne.  A fluffy light brioche, rich with creamy custard and crunchy with sugar it’s the perfect – but very naughty – accompaniment to my breakfast cuppa.

Well, a girl needs all the energy she can muster for a morning of squeezing goodies in the market doesn’t she?
La Tarte Tropezienne

La Tarte Tropezienne

The Tarte Tropézienne was created by Alexandre Micka, a Polish man who arrived in Provence after WWII.  He came armed with some of his grandmother’s recipes and chose the sleepy seaside town of St Tropez as the perfect spot to open his bakery.

A chance opportunity to cater for the cast and crew filming a movie in nearby Ramatuelle was to change the course of his baking destiny.  The film turned out to be the cult classic “And God Created Woman” (Et Dieu … créa la femme).  And, as legend has it, one of the biggest fans of Micka’s cream cakes on set was a blonde bombshell by the name of Brigitte who, along with the rest of the cast and crew, couldn’t order enough of them!  Quicker than you can say sex kitten, Alexandre Micka registered the name – Tart Tropézienne – and patented the recipe, the rest is glamorous history!

Brigitte Bardot

Place des Lices

Alexandre Micka’s original bakery – La Tarte Tropézienne – on the Place des Lices, St Tropez’s market square.

Now, time to hit the market…

St Tropez Market

St Tropez Market

Maybe just a little pit stop for a spot of people watching at Sénéquier before I make my way home …


St Tropez Marina


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