The promise of Spring

The icicles glistened.  Drip drip dripping on the slushy pavements below.  I hope it is more than a mere wishful thought but I dare say that the Spring is, at long last, on its way.

I  have spent the most glorious day basking in the sunshine, well ok that was wishful thinking as the thermometer hugged 0° for most of the day and the ‘basking’ was refracted through a thick pane of glass, but it’s all relative here.

The hot sun came alive today and the mighty Moscow began to unfurl from its frozen slumber.

“…Levin, like a tree in spring that knows not what form will be taken by the young shoots and twigs imprisoned in its swelling buds, hardly knew what undertakings he was going to begin upon now… But he felt that he was full of the most splendid plans and projects.”

‘Anna Karenina’, Lyev Nikolayevich Tolstoy



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